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Drawn to Hawaii at a young age, Sarah was always mesmerized with the culture and beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. The life energy that flows through all of us, referred to as mana, can be described as holding the "Aloha Spirit" of the Hawaiian Islands. To visitors, aloha may simply be understood as a salutation, but the actual spirit of aloha goes well beyond saying "hello" or "goodbye." In it's simplistic form, aloha is love. You don’t just say aloha; you live it, breathe it, and treat everyone with true aloha spirit. Translated, aloha means “Presence of Breath” or "Breath of Life”. The ancient Hawaiians likened the ability to truly live the spirit of aloha with attaining spiritual enlightenment. In this Hawaiiana Collection, Sarah aims to capture this essence of aloha. 

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