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In the Hawaiian culture, the animals around us hold symbolism and offer spiritual guidance in everyday life and come in the form as spirit guides, known an aumakua, ʻAno lani; 'ano honua.” This means an aumakua is a being of both a heavenly and an earthly nature. An aumakua is an ancestor that has died and has come back in a different form. Each aumakua communicates with members of the family and usually will help, guide and inspire.   For this Aquatic Collection, Sarah draws her inspiration from the aumakua of the sea, the animals that appear to certain individuals that offer such guidance. Sarah paints the sea life on on upcycled wood canvases. Sarah explains, "The movement of the woodgrains have always reminded me of the motion of water. The ripples of the grains correlate so strongly to the flow and impressions of the ocean."


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