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     Sarah works with leather and gemstones for her Jewelry Collection. The majority of the leather material used for jewelry pieces are sourced from remnants, scraps, and leftover cuttings. Upcycling and repurposing the leather is an essential step in Sarah's creative process. 

    She compares her process of finding leather remnants to that of a treasure hunt.  She explains her process, " I love the search. There are so many gorgeous offcuts of leather pieces just waiting to be turned into art. Some of my favorite finds include cobalt blue offcuts I purchased from a bookbinder in Italy and iridescent silver and rose gold leather scraps I found from another artist in Slovakia.

     Sarah then reconstructs the leather, carefully hand cutting each piece with a tiny pair of scissors, transforming the combined leather cuttings into 

wearable art. The limited availability of color variations and textures make each piece uniquely special; each piece is truly one-of-a kind.

   Sarah also incorporates semiprecious gemstones in her a selection of herpieces. She will either combine the stones with the leatherwork or create 

gemstone pieces accented with rose or yellow gold.

   She explains, " I'm so drawn to the modern simplicity of the stones standing on their own but also love that extra elegance and sparkle they bring to the leather pieces. These stones have positive reactions with our bodies; I love the fact that not only do gems make us feel beautiful but can also have healing affects on us."


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