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   Sarah Williams was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California. Having grown up in an artistic household and community she was inspired to explore a variety of avenues of art. Earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art from the University of California at Santa Barbara, Sarah had the opportunity to be mentored in the mediums of printmaking, painting, and drawing.  Energized with creativity, Sarah spent many years traveling and painting through various countries such as Italy, Slovenia, Poland, Arctic Norway, Fiji, New Zealand, Ireland, and Scotland to name a few. Through her travels she acquired a unique skillset that is reflected through the product of her creations. From tropical jungles to Arctic fjords, Sarah uses the vibrant colors and textures of nature and cultural inspiration to be the driving influence behind her one of a kind pieces.  Always feeling pulled to the island of Maui,  Sarah made her childhood dream come true, and moved to the island in 2014.  

   The final art presentation is a true collaboration with Sarah's husband, Alfred, who assists with all the unseen tasks involved in the final production, including all the custom framework, woodwork and show displays. This husband and wife team currently reside in Lahaina, and together run Sarah Williams Collections, promoting sustainability and appreciation of the Hawaiian Islands. Sarah has received honors and recognition throughout the island's artist community for her drawings and paintings.  

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